Dr. Nadia M Joubert | Unit 2

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012 664 7831

082 782 7109

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General Practitioner | In association with Diabetes Care, Centurion

Dr NM Joubert is a General Practitioner, currently working in association with Diabetes Care Centurion. She consults patients with general medical conditions, both acute and chronic.

Acute medicine includes (not needing specialist care):

> Acute infections
> Small procedures (Removal of lesions by cautery / cryotherapy
> Gynaecological examinations (pap smears/ breast examinations)
> Emergencies (Suturing of lacerations)


Chronic Medicine include (not needing specialist care):

> Cardiac conditions (Hyperlipidemia, hypertension, CCF)
> Stress ECG
> 24 Hour BP monitoring
> Endocrine conditions
> Respiratory conditions
> Psychiatric conditions


As part of the team at Diabetes Care Centre, Dr Joubert’s team strives to learn and treat patients to the best of their knowledge.