Address: 258B Jean Avenue, Centurion 


Hear & Listen | Unit 14

012 111 7272

084 293 2855

Hear & Listen Audiologists

Hear & Listen is a private audiology practice based in Centurion at the @Heath Medical Centre. We form part of a multidisciplinary team in the identification, evaluation, treatment and management of hearing loss in children and adults.


We provide a comprehensive test battery to ensure an accurate diagnosis and intervention plan has been made. At Hear & Listen we strive to provide quality audiological services in an environment where you can feel at home, relaxed and where you are treated with love and care.


We supply an extensive range of hearing aids from the most trusted companies globally. Our goal is to provide the best possible on-going support to experience success with better hearing. We are a professional and compassionate team of expert audiologists who has a passion to help you hear better and improve your quality of life.


Services that we provide at Hear & Listen:

> Diagnostic hearing tests for children and adults

> Hearing screening for babies

> Free hearing screening for adults

> Ear Wax Removal                                                                         

> Tinnitus counselling

> Hearing aids

> Adjustments, cleaning & service of hearing aids

> Noise protection, sleep & swim plugs

> Free hearing aid trail


We accept all Medical Aids.