Address: 258B Jean Avenue, Centurion 


Keet Bester Physiotherapy | Unit 10

Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries

With over 20 years experience, we strive to give our patients top quality care through the latest evidence based and advanced treatments, not only matching, but exceeding all standards of quality.



We follow a patient first phylosophy. This way of practice shows our commitment from our dedicated physiotherapists to the people they have a passion for – our patients.


Sport Specific

> Fitness testing & screening

> Golf specific rehab

> Sport strapping (Kinesio & Leuko)

> Leuko strapping workshops



Out Patient

> Orthopaedic rehab

> Functional rehab

> Neck & back pain

> Whiplash & headaches

> Dry needing

> Postular syndromes

> Overuse injuries

> Sports injuries

> Shockwave therapy

> Electrotherapy


In Hospital

> Pre and post operative care

> Cardiothoracic rehab

> Orthopedics

> Respiratory conditions

> Ergonomic advice


Our Team

> Cobus Keet

> Heidi Bester

> Retha Joubert