Dr. Henk Swanepoel | Unit 9

Telephone : 082 773 6757
E-mail : info@henkswanepoel.co.za
Website : www.henkswanepoel.co.za

Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in private practice in Centurion. My passion is to provide the community with psychological services, including psychotherapy and marriage counseling through individual counseling and group therapy. Besides my clinical practice, I also have a passion for psycho-legal evaluations. This includes evaluating clients through on instruction of legal firms for claims for compensation.

My passion for my work stems from the incredible results that I have seen after years of practice. As a Clinical Psychologist it is my privilege to walk a road alongside many individuals and couples as they find out that every person is able to live up to their potential if they are willing to explore their inner being and find the courage to direct their live and relationships in a meaningful way.

In the psycho-legal evaluations it is an honour for me to work alongside legal professionals as we explore personal injuries and the effect of the injuries on people. 

My passion allows me into the most intimate part of people’s lives and it is my privilege to honour the trust that is placed in me by my patients.

Treatment Plan Includes

> Anxiety / Fears

> Depression

> Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

> Relationship Conflict / Issues

> Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

> Trauma

> Spiritual Conflict

> Spirituality

> Addiction

> Substance Abuse

> Divorce

> Domestic Abuse / Violence

> Loss or Grief

> Parenting

> Implose Control Disorder

Also Offers The Following

> Individual Psychotherapy 

> Couples Counselling

> Marriage Counselling

> Pre-Marital Counselling

> Adolescent Psychotherapy and Teen Counselling

> Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling

> Trauma Counselling

> Christian Counselling

> Parental Guidance

> Family Psychotherapy