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We offer world-class out-of-hospital diagnostic imaging services

Services Offered by Keystone Radiology:


X-ray is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians to make a diagnosis.  It is most commonly performed to evaluate the lungs, heart size, bowel and bones.


Ultrasound is used to capture live imaging and evaluate mainly the soft tissue structures within the body.  Because it uses no ionizing radiation, it is the modality of choice to examine the structural appearance of abdominal organs, measure the flow of blood within blood vessels and evaluate the glands.  It is used to assess the integrity of muscles, tendons and small ligaments.  In conjunction with Mammography, ultrasound is also used to assess breast tissue.


Numerous studies show that breast cancer is the most common cancer to affect women, however with early screening and quality treatment the survival rate significantly increases.  Mammography plays a central role in the early detection of breast cancer and other breast diseases.

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