Address: 258B Jean Avenue, Centurion 


Kilian, Nienaber & Associates | Unit 4

General Practitioners | Family Doctors

– Dr Hantie Nienaber MB ChB (Pret)
– Dr Anso Kilian MB ChB (Pret)
– Dr Andries Nienaber MB ChB (Pret)
– Dr Tjol Henning MB ChB (Pret)
– Dr Michelle Jonker MB ChB (Pret)
– Dr Elaine Strauss MB ChB (Stell)
– Dr Janneman Potgieter MBChB (SMU)


All our doctors practice under a Group Practice Number: 0321850


We are contracted with most major medical aids including:

– Discovery Health
– MediHelp
– Momentum
– MedScheme
– BankMed
– Metropolitan Healthcare Group


We are also contracted with most Network options including:

– Discovery KeyCare
– MediHelp Necesse
– Carecross
– Momentum Access & Ingwe
– Primecure


Apteek op perseel / Dispensary on site
Beskikbaar tydens spreekure / Available during business hours


Our Services:

– Reiskliniek /Travel Clinic
– Apteek / Dispensary
– Babakliniek: Meet, weeg en immunisasie
– Baby Clinic: Measure, weigh, immunisation
– Longfunksies / Lung Functions
– Cholesterol Toetse / Cholesterol Tests
– 24-h Bloeddrukmonitering / 24-h Blood Pressure Monitoring
– Glukose Toetse / Glucose Testing


Dr. Michelle Jonker is a member of the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine Society of South Africa (AAMSSA) and provides the following aesthetic treatments:

– Chemical peels

– Botulinum toxin injections

– Skin rejuvenation injections

– Acne management

– Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)