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Protecting your Skin | AtHealth Aesthetic Medicine

The best way to preserve the youthful appearance of your skin is to wear sunscreen every day, even when you spend most of your time indoors. The UV-exposure through windows, especially while driving, is enough to damage the skin over time.
UV radiation causes free radicals to be released in the skin. This breaks down the elastin and collagen that gives the skin its plumpness. This loss of volume causes sagging of the skin and the development of wrinkles. Recurrent sun exposure also causes hyperpigmentation (dark spots).
Direct damage to the DNA of skin cells leads to the formation of actinic keratosis (scaly, dark patches) and different types of skin cancer. These are not only detrimental to your appearance, but can be dangerous.
Many skincare products contain some form of sunscreen, but this is not sufficient to provide optimal protection. You need a separate sunscreen as well with a SPF of at least 50. It should be applied regularly during the day.
There is a wide range of sunscreens available that caters for every skin type. The correct sunscreen will not only protect your skin, but can act as a supplementary treatment for existing skin problems. If you need advice on the correct sunscreen for you, speak to your doctor about the available options.